Thursday, 14 May 2009

Let the Slaughter Commence

So, we have been working hard now on our sim Slaughter City. And finally....FINALLY it is done. It's got a carnival, and Asylum, and a city, and we hope it will be a home to all the freaks and carnies of SL.

It's also DCS enhanced for RP purposes and I am busy beavering away on the story, it's kind of a gorey cross between Frankenstein, Edward Scissorhands, Reanimator and Repo ~ The Genetic Opera.

Also soon we will bring you Slaughter City .com and blogs, twitters, plurks and whatever else we can think of \o/

Other news is that I have a freebie in store this weekend, the Strawberry Girl Pony Boots are 1L$ until midnight on Sunday, so pop on over, take a look around, get some boots, and love us, just love us....

Or I will eat your souls

Putrid <3

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