Thursday, 14 May 2009

Let the Slaughter Commence

So, we have been working hard now on our sim Slaughter City. And finally....FINALLY it is done. It's got a carnival, and Asylum, and a city, and we hope it will be a home to all the freaks and carnies of SL.

It's also DCS enhanced for RP purposes and I am busy beavering away on the story, it's kind of a gorey cross between Frankenstein, Edward Scissorhands, Reanimator and Repo ~ The Genetic Opera.

Also soon we will bring you Slaughter City .com and blogs, twitters, plurks and whatever else we can think of \o/

Other news is that I have a freebie in store this weekend, the Strawberry Girl Pony Boots are 1L$ until midnight on Sunday, so pop on over, take a look around, get some boots, and love us, just love us....

Or I will eat your souls

Putrid <3

Friday, 24 April 2009

Welcome to your Nightmare

I am so glad you have decided to join in with the Carnival of Carnage that is me, Putrid Gloom.

I hope that you enjoy my random tales and musings, my memories of when the bad thing happened here, the products that come into my mind, and the events that happen here in Slaughter City and Second Life.

On this my first post, I would like to give my most massive heads up to Lillith Bloobury, my best friend and soulmate on SL, she is a supremely talented artist and she built our whole city. I would totally reccommend a visit to her store Lost and Alone where she makes items that would normally be found in dark fairytales and German Expressionist movies (I love these).

I hope you all come and play with us here, for ever, and ever, and ever, and ever......